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Magnetic Stripe Card Software Package:

NEW !! Updated 1-2012. Many of our customers have emailed us asking if we would sell the software that runs most popular Credit Card Reader / Writers. We thought it over and said " Sure, Why Not! ". Tired of translating other languages to understand the information your seeing on the screen. Then STOP and listen ! Dos, Linux and Windows Software are all menu driven and comes complete with a color autorun CD-ROM guide. That's RIGHT ! Don't guess, follow the instructions and use our software to run YOUR reader/writer. Even if you haven't purchased it from us, no problem. Our software will simplify your magnetic stripe card projects. Screen Shots and Data Analysis all layed out in one easy to use software package. Multiple platforms are covered with several software choices to choose from.
As a special bonus, WE have thrown in TWO Packs of hacking files for you to enjoy. From ATM hacking to Fax machine hacking,
Compatible with Windows Operating Systems. 
Magnetic Strip Card Software Package CD-ROM:
Price - $ 14.95


Ultimate Credit Card Hacking Dictionary Combo:
This updated eye-popping manual covers credit card technology and exposes the secrets in the industry that you're not supposed to know! Now includes step by step instructions, screen shots and software coverage for windows, linux and other operating system software. Covers: Charge Card Issuers * Bank Cards * Magnetic Tracks and Encoding Protocols * Affinity Cards * Bank and Branch Numbers * Algorithms * Telephone Calling Cards * Credit Card Standards * Fraud * Non-Magnetic Card technology * Debit Cards * Laws * Data Formatting * Smart Cards * Verification * BiometricTechnology * How Magstripes are Encoded * Personal Identification Numbers * Decoding Information * Counterfeiting * Account Number Generators & Verifiers * Includes plans for building a Credit Card Reader / Writer!. This device reads the data off the magnetic stripe on one credit card, and transfers the data out onto another card - the Reader/Writer plans alone are selling for up to $1000 on the black market! Find out your sub-account numbers and how your bank secretly keeps track of you!
Now includes the magnetic strip card hackers bible 101:
Learn the basics of Credit Card and ATM Card inner workings. From validation to basic track security. This books starts the learning process for magnetic strip card technology and the security behind it. A great beginning to move forward into the extreme credit card hacking dictionary.
One of HackersCatalog.com's Top Sellers !!
Ultimate Credit Card Hacking Dictionary Combo on CD:
Price - $ 19.95


Combo Offer Number 1:
Get both the Magnetic Strip Card Software Package CD-ROM AND the Ultimate Credit Card Dictionary Combo Package all for one low price of $ 25.95. That includes TWO books on CD and Both Software packages all in one CD package. Save $ 10.00 by buying them in this combo.
 Magnetic Strip Card Combo Package Number 1:
Price - $ 25.95  


NEW, USB Magnetic Strip Card Reader / Writer:
StripCard USB is a 3-track LoCo/HiCo reader and LoCo magnetic stripe card writer/encoder. The connection of the device to a PC is made through a free USB port. Due to the head with three tracks, all three tracks of a card can be read, edited or written at the same time. Magnetic stripe cards can have a bit density between 1 and 210 BPI (75 BPI, 210 BPI and also other non ISO densities), which are all supported by StripCard USB.
StripCard USB is connected directly to the USB port of a PC. No external power supply is required.
The raw data are digitalized and transferred direct to the PC, where the analysis is performed. Due to the direct reading / writing, opportunities are given, which are not available with usual readers/writers.
StripCard USB is controlled with the software "StripCard USB Explorer" for Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista, Linux and Windows Mobile 5/6 operating system, which is supplied with StripCard USB.


NEW PRICE !! .............$500.00.
** This purchase includes the Credit Card Reader/Writer, The Windows Hacking CD & the updated Extreme Credit Card Hacking Dictionary and a blank card.
USB Credit Card Reader/Writer ( READ BELOW ):
Price - $ 550.00 
This product cannot be purchased with credit cards and paypal due to so many attempted fraudulant orders. Yes, one person does ruin it for everyone and we are always working to verify and secure payments that is no longer worth offering it for sale by credit cards and paypal. if you are interested, we will now ONLY accept Western Union, Money Gram or Mailed in Postal Money Orders. Please email info@hackerscatalog.com for more information or to place an order, all requests for online or credit card payments will not be answered.

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