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Thank you for Choosing Hackers Catalog "The Technical Bookstore". Here You'll Find Cracking Software. Serial Key and Registration Key Software and more for cracking game codes, freeware and all your favorite software.
Cracks & Serials PRO ( LIVE ):
The Cracks and Serials ( Live ) CD is the newest edition in our Cracking Software lineup. An internet connection is required to take advantage of the online resources for cracks and serial keys for movies, games, software, music and more. Updated constantly, this ( Live ) CD is the newest way to provide cracks and serial keys to common software, movies, games and more.. When used with our other great titled software, the end result is fantastic. Generators, reverse engineering and live forums at your fingertips. Check out the new Cracks and Serials ( Live ) today.
Cracks & Serials PRO ( LIVE ) PRO CD-ROM:
Price - $ 14.95



The Registration Key & Serials PRO:

The Registration Key & Serials Pro(J/C)(Win 98/00/ME/XP): Your best choice for registration key generators, serials and Keys. These results from world's top crackers by reverse-engineering are collected in one place to make your life easier. This is the largest collection that covers all the previous similar products you may already have, plus the most recent entries. It includes two most popular registration key databases. There are totals over 110400 reg keys, cracks and patches collected. Take this CD-ROM and enjoy the popular techniques used by software crackers.
Registration Key & Serials PRO CD-ROM:
Price - $ 12.95




Beginners Guide to Password Cracking: ( Updated ! )
This new release has more than what you bargain for.
  • Restore Files accidentally (or deliberately) deleted from your PC without the need to install the software - it will run from the Disk
  • Permanently delete files so that even this powerful recovery program can't recover them !
  • Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista and FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS file systems
Using the password restoration tools you can:
  • Recover CMOS password just copy to a bootable floppy and follow the instructions
  • Recover most stored windows passwords including screen saver, email, FTP, MS Word, Excel, Access etc. - does NOT recover Windows 2000 or XP administrator passwords ..Click here for that software..
  • Supports most stored 98/ME/NT/2000 passwords
The CD-ROM has an autorun menu for ease of operation and comes with installation and user instructions
Do you just want to get to business and get the juicy gossip you think someone is spreading ?? Well then we have a new CD for you. The beginners Guide Covers the nitty Gritty of password hacking in a simple approach. This is not a book, but a CD with tutorials on each of these popular email services. Obviously we do not go into the depth as the above book Password Hackers Cookbook 'PRO', but you don't want to spend all that time reading anyhow. Learn quickly how to get at email and start reading what Johnny has to say about Sarah today !!.
Introductory Price, Limited time offer !!
Beginners Guide to Password Cracking:
Price - $ 14.95



Crackers Matrix ( New ! ):

An indepth guide to cracking. Secret tools and techniques used by real time crackers to undermine software and systems. Simplified into step by step tutorials, this Library will equip you with several tools and methods once exclusive to crackers. Learn to crack passwords, zip files, register passwords and bypass many other security featured designed to limit access.
Crackers Matrix CD-ROM:
Price - $ 9.95



Hacks & Cracks 02 CD-ROM:

Over 20,000 Cracks, Patches and Serials: Thousands of Cracks and Patches developed by the WORLD'S TOP HACKERS ! These cracks, patches and key-gens contain the code to crack the protection schemes of thousands of programs. See first-hand the genius techniques used to reverse-engineer and crack virtually ANY program !.
Crack Programs and Tools: Powerful programs and tools allow you to defeat the infamous "Date Checks" and expiration date checks on trial version software. Clone a CD-ROM on your hard drive making it virtually undistinguishable from a real CD. Surpress and remove "nag screens", and more! Plus, plenty of REG-KEY generators and other killer hacks!
** Because of the nature of the material. HackersCatalog.com will assume no liability for damages resulting in the use or misuse of this product! Not intended for Children..
Hacks and Cracks 02 CD-ROM:
Price - $ 9.95



Serials & Reg Key Heaven ( Expanded Edition ):

Serials and Rag Key Heaven Thousands of the lates serials and Reg Key Generators (key gens) developed by the world's top crackers! Reverse-engineering has never been more popular and now you hold the biggest and best collection of it's kind.

More cracking and hacking than any other cd! Not Just another "key gen" cd' this is the grand daddy of them all. Includes two of the most popular and most extensive reg key databases direct from underground! If you buy one cracking cd this year' make it this one.
Minimum PC Requirements
  • Pentium 90 MHz processor
  • Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • Min 4 X CDROM
Serial & Reg Key Heaven Expanded Edition CD-ROM:
Price - $ 9.95  




The Game Crackers & Tools PRO ( New ! ):


This CD includes over 2100 patches, cracks, trainers, updates, maps, cheat codes, mods, savegames and other resources of current hot PC games! These are the results from world's top crackers with the best reverse-engineering and hacking skills, Cracks allow games to be run without its original CD. Patches and updates help to fix bugs of games, keep them the latest versions and add bonus chapters. Trainers and cheat codes enable players to adjust the difficulty of games freely. Additionally, some famous game tools are also contained in this pack. Take this CD-ROM to enjoy the unbeatable advantages!


Cheats and Hints Pack: Over 1800 hot game cheats and hints included in this pack.
Resources of POP Games: game fixes, patches, cheat codes, update, hints, mod development tools, maps, savegames, screensavers, battle.net hacks, item packs, characters, game data calculators, editors, PODBots, cheating-death, mp3s, and bonus chapters for recent popular games. Including: Age of Mythology-The Titans, Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Command and Conquer-Generals-Zero Hour, Diablo II-Lord of Destruction, Grand Theft Auto-Vice City, Half-Life and Counter-Strike, Halo-Combat Evolved, HomeWorld 2, Max Payne 2, Medal Of Honor-Allied Assualt, Sim City 4: Rush Hour, Star Wars-Jedi Knight-Jedi Academy, The Lord of the Rings, The Sims, Tomb Raider-Angel of Darkness, Tron 2, WarCraft III.
Hot Game Tools: Game Audio Players, trainer creators, cheat and hint finders and game hacks.


Game Crackers and Tools PRO CD-ROM:
Price - $ 9.95



KeyGen Studio 02:

KenGen Studio section includes 15,000 software key generators developed by top crackers showing first hand the genius techniques used to crack.
Tutorial Library teaches newbie crackers as well as master crackers the knowledge on ReverseMe's, Hardware Keys, CD Checks and more ! Bios Crackers, User Names, NETBUS and more all taught here!


KeyGen Studio 02 CD-ROM:
Price - $ 9.95


Guide To Cracking 02 ( 2 CD's ! ):
This Twin Pack CD-ROM is a MUST HAVE!! Cracking Tools section includes an assortment of the best underground cracks for defeating software security. ICQ Exploits, Novel Cracks, HTTP Crackers and MORE!!
The Tutorial Library is a cracker's handbook for learning the knowledge and techniques on how to defeat security issues. From newbie to Advanced, these tutorials will teach things like Date Checks, Nag Screens, Time Trials and more..
Programming Tools Section contains an assortment of tools used to crack most programs, Packers, Decrypters, Compilers and more. A Crackers Must Have! Order today!!


Guide to Cracking 02 CD-ROMS:
Price - $ 12.95



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