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Every Schematic is printable and clearly detailed. Over 185 guns to choose from.
9mm Hi-Power Auto
.22 Caliber Colt Conversion
.25 Auto Browning
1903 A-1 and A-3 Springfield Parts
Anaconda Revolver
Arisaka Type 38 Bolt-Action Rifle
Astra Constable Pistol
Astra Model 400 Auto
Astra Model A-60 DA Auto
Astra Model A-80 Pistol
Astra Model A-90 DA Auto
Beretta Model 92 Double Action Pistol
Beretta Model A-300/301 Shotgun
Beretta Model 90 Auto
Browning Model 1922 Pistol
Browning .22 Caliber Automatic Rifle
Browning Model B-92 Rifle
Browning 9mm Automatic Pistol (Hi-Power)
Browning Citori Type 1 Shotgun
Browning Automatic-5 Shotgun
Browning Model 1922 Pistol
Buckmark Auto
Colt Model 1911-1911A1 Auto
Colt Double Eagle Auto
Colt Gold Cup National Match
Colt Commander, Combat Commander, Super 38
Colt Cobra Revolver (Old Model)
Colt Trooper MK II
Colt Trooper, Lawman, MKV Revolvers
Colt Police Python, Python and Trooper (Old Model) Revolver
Colt Model "S" Frame
Colt Single Action Army
Dakota Single Action Revolver
Dan Wesson Model 44 Revolver
FN-FAL Model 1935 Hi-Power Auto
Grendell P-10
Grendell P-12
Grendell P-12 Parts List
H & K 91A2 Autoloading Rifle
High Standard Model H-D Military
High Standard Sentinel Revolver
High Standard Supermatic Pistol
Interarms Mark X Rifles
Ithaca Model 51 Auto Shotgun
Kimber Model 82 U.S. Government Bol-Action Rifle
King Cobra Revolver
Krag-Jorgensen Model 1892-99 Rifle
Krag .30-40 Caliber Rifles
Lee-Enfield No. 1, MK. III Rifle
Ljungman Swedish AG42/AG42B 6.5X55 Semi-Auto Rifle
Ljungman MB/42 List
Luger Model 1908 Pistol
Luger Stoeger .22LR Caliber Automatic Pistol
Luger Stoeger .22LR Caliber Automatic Pistol Parts List
Luger Model 1900-1902 Old Model Pistol
M1 Garand U.S. Rifle Cal. 30
Marlin Model 1894, 1894C Rifle
Marlin Model 1895S Rifle
Marlin Model 336
Marlin Model 39A
Marlin Model 336CS Lever-Action Rifle
Marlin Model 1881 Lever-Action Rifle
Marlin Model 1891-1892 .22RF & .32RF Cal. Lever Action Rifle
Marlin-Glenfield Model 60 Rifle
Marlin-Glenfield Model 60 Autoloading Rifle
Mauser Model 1896 "Broomhandle" Pistol (Early Type Cone Hammer)
Mauser Model 98 Rifle
Mauser Model HSc Pistol (Post 1945)
Model R9 Auto
Moisin-Nagant Russian 1891-16 Rifle
Mossberg Model 500 Shotgun (Seril #G838672 or Higher)
Mossberg Models 46M, 46M(a), 46M(b)
Mossberg Model 9200 Also Model 5500 MKII 12 Ga. Autoloading Shotguns
Mossberg Model 9200 Continued
Marlin Model 1881
North American Arms A- 225-5 Mini Revolver
Nambu Japanese Type 14 Pistol
Remington Nylon 66 Automatic Rifle
Remington Models 510-X, 511-X, 512-X, Bolt Action Rifles
Remington Model 514 Single Shot Rifle
Remington Model 552 & 552 BDL Autoloading Rifle
Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle
Remington Model 742 Automatic Rifle, Carbine
Remington Model 760 Slide Action Rifle, Carbine
Remington 870 Slide Action Shotgun, Left Hand
Remington 1100 Automatic Shotgun, Left Hand
Remington Model 11-48 Autoloading Shotgun
Remington Model 8 & 81 Autoloading Rifle
Remington Models 550-1, 550-1A, 550-A .22 S-L-LR & 550-2G Gallery Special
Remington Model 6 Single Shot Rifle
Remington Double Derringer
Remington Model 700 New Model Bolt-Action Rifle
Remington Model 24 & 241 Autoloading Rifle
Remington Model 24 & 241 Parts List
Remington Model 11 Autoloading Shotgun
Remington Model 12 & 121 Slide Action .22 Repeater
Remington Rolling Block
Rossi Models 59, 62SA & SAC Rifle
Rossi Model 92-SRC Carbine
4 Magnum Blackhawk Revolver
Ruger P89DC Auto Pistol
Ruger P90DC Auto Pistol
Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine
Ruger M-77 Bolt Action Rifle
Ruger Model 10/22 Rifle
Ruger Standard & Target Mark I Auto Pistol
Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle (For use with Serial # Prefix "187")
Ruger Mark II Pistol (Standard & Target Models)
Ruger Stainless Steel New Model Blackhawk Revolver
Ruger No. 1 Single Shot Rifle
Ruger No. 3 Single Shot Carbine
Ruger Redhawk Revolver
Ruger Standard Model & MK I Auto Pistols
Ruger Red Label Shotgun (20 Gauge)
Ruger Security-Six, SP-6 & PS-6 Revolver
Ruger Single-Six Revolver
Ruger SP101 Revolver
Savage Model 24, 24C & 24D Series M, P & S Combo
Savage Model 24S, 24SD, 24SE, 24MS, 24MSD & 24MSE Over/Under Combo
Savage 24V & 24V-A Combo
Savage Model 30, Stevens Model 77, Springfield Model 67 Pump Shotguns
Savage Model 71
Savage Model 99C, DL(M), E, F & DE, PE Lever Action Rifles (Serial # above 1,000,000)
Savage Model 110C, D & E Series K Bolt Action Rifles
Savage Model 170 & 170C Series A & B Slide-Action Rifle
Savage Fox Models BST, B-C, B-D-E & B Series F Double Barrel Shotguns
Series 80 Combat Commander
Sharps Model 1874 "Creedmoor" Rifle
Sig/Sauer Model P-220 Pistol
Sig/Sauer P230 Auto Pistol
SKS 7.62X39mm Autoloading Carbine
Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum Revolver N Frame
Smith & Wesson Model 29 Parts List
Smith & Wesson Model 36 Cheifs Special
Smith & Wesson Model 39 Double Action Auto
Smith & Wesson Model 41 Auto Pistol
Smith & Wesson Model 52
Smith & Wesson Model 59 Double Action Auto Pistol
Smith & Wesson Model 19 Combat Magnum
Smith & Wesson 44 American Revolver
Smith & Wesson Traditional DA/SA
Springfield Rifle Model 1873, 45-70
Springfield Model 1903 Rifle
Stevens Model 44 & 44 1/2 Single Shot Rifle
Stevens Model 240 Over and Under Shotgun, 410 Ga.
Stevens Model 94B, 94BT, 94C, 94Y, 107, 107BT & 107C Single Shot Shotgun
Stevens Models 520 & 620 (Old Style) Repeating Slide Action Shotguns
Stevens Model 24
Stevens Model 24 Parts List
Stevens Parts List Cont.
Thompson/Center Contender Pistol
Takarov Model 30 Russian Pistol
Virginia Dragoon Revolver
Walther P-38 Pistol
Walther Model PP & PPK Pistols
Winchester Model 12-12Gauge Repeating Shotgun
Winchester Model 12-12 Gauge Parts List
Winchester Model 12-12 Gauge Parts List Cont.
Winchester Model 12-12 Gauge Parts List Cont.
Winchester New Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle
Winchester New Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle Parts List
Winchester Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle
Winchester Model 1886
Winchester Model 88 Lever Action Rifle
Winchester Model 88 Lever Action Rifle Parts List
Winchester Model 88, 88A and 88H lever Action Rifle & Carbine Parts List
Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Carbine
Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Carbine Parts List
Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Carbine Pats List Cont.
Winchester Model 94 New Model Standard, Antique, Trapper & Wrangler Lever Action Carbines
Winchester Model 94 New Model Standard, Antique, Trapper & Wrangler Lever Action Carbines Parts List
Winchester 94XTR, .44 Magnum, 64A Lever Action Carbine Parts List
Winchester Model 1200 Repeating Shotgun
Winchester Model 1400 Automatic Shotgun
Winchester Model 1892 Rifle
Winchester Model 1897 Slide-Action Shotgun
Winchester Model 9422 Lever Action Carbine
Winchester Model 100 Autoloading Rifle
Winchester Models 150, 190, 250, 255, 270, 275 and 290 Rim Fire Rifles
Winchester Model 310 and 320 Bolt-Action Rifle
Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle
Winchester Model 12 Slide Action Shotgun
Winchester Model 11-12 Gauge Repeating Shotgun
Winchester Model 62A .22 Caliber Slide Action Repeating Rifle
Winchester Model 1400, 1400 Mark II & Ranger Autoloading Shotgun


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