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iPhone / iTouch Hackers Tool Kit ( NEW ):
LATEST iPhone hackers toolkit !
Want to hack iphones ? Want to gain access to the IPhone system tools, un-lock, customize and ad new executables ? Then this toolkit is for you. A complete step by step toolkit aimed at getting "inside " your iPhone.
This software has a very user-friendly graphical interface. You won't be dissapointed when you ad your own software, create your own backrounds and install applications like the nintendo emulator. Please note: we must issue the obligatory warning. Hacking the iphone is fun, why do we do it, because it is there, however you can possibly screw up your iphone. However, at any time you can use iTunes to restore your phone to it's original state, so don't worry about completely breaking your phone. The worse that will happen is you lose some time and maybe a couple phone numbers stored in your phone book. So, if you want to be unique and have an iPhone that everyone will go gaga over, then get the latest iPhone hacks today in the newly releases iPhone Hackers ToolKit.


 ** Introductory Price ! **
iPhone / iTouch Hackers Tool Kit on CD-ROM:
Price - $ 12.95



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