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HackersCatalog.com Technical notes section is an online guide to help in answering some general questions, at no time will we answer questions on how to use our products or information for illegal purposes. All information sold on HackersCatalog.com is for educational purposes only.
Technical Notes:
There has been much written about the legality of cloning one cellular phone to another. There is also much confusion as to whether or not a person who "clones" a phone is actually breaking the law.
And just what is cloning? Cloning is the act of making one cellular phone "act the same" as another. This is accomplished by copying the identity and phone number of one phone and inserting it into another. The phones do NOT have to be the same model or even the same brand.
The second phone is now for all purposes the same as the first. It will ring if one when the original phones rings. It will cause any charges incurred, to be billed on the original phone's monthly billing statement.
Herein lies the problem. By stealing somebody else's mobile number (MIN) and Electronic Serial Number (ESN), a person can "clone" a cellular phone and then make calls which are charged unlawfully to another. This is clearly illegal. Its called fraud.
What however, if the person who owns the original phone also owns and uses the clone? Then there is NO theft of service; no crime. No fraud. The second phone becomes an 'extension' so to speak. Why would anybody want an extension? Look in you own home for the answer. Cellular phone users generally use the cellphone to expand their communications capabilities.
When in a car, a more powerful, permanently installed unit can be used. When departing the car and say, going up an elevator to work, a smaller, less powerful pocket model can be used. Putting both on the same number makes sense. Who wants to have several numbers? How many phones can you talk on at the same time?
Why then all the concern about people using a cloned phone? First, the media has lumped "cloned phones" into the "it's illegal category", without knowing "that of which they speak". All cloned cellphones are NOT used illegally. But, hey, you knew that. The real situation is that the phones are typically given away for free to entice buyers. No money to be made here.
Money is made by selling you service for the phones. Want a second phone. Get a second service and pay twice. Ever see anybody use two phones at once? No. How about a person watching two TVs at the same time? Nope.
This is an old argument the should have been settled years ago when the Bell Telephone Company was told to let customers buy their own phone and NOT have to pay for extensions. Cable TV companies tried and got away with for years charging families twice for two cable services to have two separate TVs on one cable line. One for the kids in the TV room, and one for the adults in the Living room.
The reason phone companies can get away with saying cloning is illegal, is that there exists a law which prevents tampering, for fraudulent purposes, with the ESN of a cellular phone. The law is so poorly written the in its first incarnation, legitimate technicians were "guilty of a crime" just for servicing the things. But no technician has ever been arrested for service work, even though the law say they are "committing a crime". Click here.
The law has since been updated. Interesting enough, some cellular companies are now starting (11-4-1998) to offer cloning as part of their service package(s). Check with your local cellular providers to see if they offer these services in your area. If they say no, ask them if they know who will.
It all boils down to this, "Who has their hands" in your wallet or pocket book. You, or the phone company. You make the decision.
To clone one phone to another requires the extraction of the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) from the master phone and insertion into the phone to be cloned. This is typically accomplished in older phones by opening up the master phone and removing the PROM or EPROM holding the ESN, and other data, and copying it. In newer phones, the data is removed via a serial cable connection to a computer.
A file is made from the original extracted data changing data as necessary. Once a computer file has been made, a second blank chip, the same type as in the phone to be cloned, is then reprogrammed with the ESN and other data from the master. The entire procedure can be completed within 1 hour, much less after the first phone is done. With later models phones, the data is sent back to the cloned phone via the same serial cable.
NOTE: Check with an attorney in your area to see if this procedure is legal or not where you live.
  • IBM-PC/XT/AT Computer or clone(you supply)
  • EPROM programmer and suitable adapter (if required) to read/ write the chips you are using.(you supply)
  • Editing software to modify and save files changes (typically supplied with EPROM Burner) Supplied by EPROM Burner manufacturer plus we supply extra software for editing (binary and hex file editors).
  • Instructions for reprogramming each phone (from CELLULAR PROGRAMMERS BIBLE)
  • Programming Cables for each particular Cellular Phone, such as Motorola Flip, etc. Printed Instructions for making programming cables are included in Cellular Hackers Bible Volume 2.
  • Cellular Hackers Bible Volume 6, $ 35.00.
Some cellular telephones can be reprogrammed without using an EPROM burner (CELLULAR HACKERS BIBLE Vol.2 has instructions on how to make cables for most popular models). Reprogramming instructions for the majority of phones are contained in our "CELLULAR PROGRAMMERS BIBLE" book.
If your cellphone is late model Motorola, i.e., STARTAC, or Ericsson, NEC or other small phone with a serial port, you'll most likely require the use of a "Copycat" device to change the ESN. Click here for a list of sellers. Newer phones can always be a "master phone" with their ESN/MIN put into an older phone as a clone or extension phone. Its typically easier to put an newer phones number into a older cellphone, rather than the other way around.
Our latest video, "BAGPHONE VIDEO BIBLE" shows how to work with files and compute checksums, as well as resurrect "dead" phones. Although it shows only a Nokia (Radio-Shack) phone, the principles are the same for all cellular phones.
  • Read and make file of master phones PROM or EEPROM using BURNER
  • Read and make file of clone phones PROM or EEPROM using BURNER
  • Print both files for hardcopy
  • Locate information to be swapped in both files i.e., ESN, MIN, SIDH, etc.
(See Cellular Hackers Bibles Vol. 1 & 2 and Bagphone Video for information.)
  • Swap data (above) from master in to clone file using printed hardcopies as reference
  • Compute checksum on completed clone file (use software supplied with EPROM Burner)
  • Insert checksum into clone file at proper location. (See Bagphone Video)
  • Burn new PROM or EEPROM with modified clone file
  • Install new chip into clone phone and reassemble. (See Bagphone Video).
  • Turn on power. Clone phone will now power-up.
If not, you most likely have not computed checksum properly. Checksum MUST be correct or phone will refuse to come on-line after power-up. (See Bagphone Video).
  • Reprogram clone using reprogramming instructions from CELLULAR PROGRAMMERS BIBLE.
  • You can change all information from the handset except the ESN, typically.
  • Phone is now a "CLONE" of master.
  • Copy EPROM or EEPROM or PROM holding ESN Information
  • Make duplicate copy of this chip
  • Insert the duplicate into second phone.
  • Reprogram as necessary (usually not required).
  • If phones are EE3 models (Moto), the ESN can only be removed or reprogrammed with
  • the use of a "Copycat" device. These devices are no longer advertised for sale in this country as this law has forcesd sellers of such devices to remove them from the marketplace.
Digital Cellphone Cloning.
  • Newer EE3 ESN/MIN pair, however, can be put into an older phone. Digital phone ESN/MIN pairs cannot be put into non-digital phones as the two service(s) are not compatible. In some areas this may be possible if the service provider has both services in place.
EPROM programmers are $100-and up. Any used IBM-XT or AT clone computer at approximately $50-$200.00 complete. The videos are $ 25.00 each and the CELLULAR PROGRAMMERS BIBLE is $ 45.00. Blank chips are $2.00 to $5.00 each, typically.
Some phones can be cloned without the use of an EPROM Burner. Software and instructions are in the CELLULAR HACKERS BIBLE Vol.2. The models covered can be cloned by building a small interface cable and by running the menu driven software included with the book. All cellular phones can be cloned "manually" by extracting EPROM or PROM information with the use of an EPROM Burner and a computer. In any event, an IBM computer or clone is required to manipulate data.

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Information in these book(s) may only be used for educational purposes and within the law as defined in "Unlawful Acts.--Section 1029(a) of title 18, United States Code, as amended.
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